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We take great pride in our cultural inclusivity.
Certified Care
We are registered under National Disability Insurance Scheme Category 1, 2, 6B and 8B
“As a person-centric organisation, we put all our energy and focus on the individual’s needs, wants, preferences, and desires. We strive to provide exceptional care to all our clients.”
Calvin Cheung,

Our Services


There’s always something that needs to be done so it’s comforting to know you can get the best care from the comfort of your home and maintain your independence. We can assist you with living a carefree life and a tidy home.


We provide transportation services that suit your needs. We can also arrange taxis or organise fuel vouchers so that you can make your travel independently. Whatever your need, we can help you in the way that best suits you.


We can help you make changes to your home. Be it a major or a minor change, we guarantee qualified staff that provide best services with best practises. Home renovation or garden maintenance, we got you covered.


It can be challenging to coordinate the services that you need, and you may prefer that we handle that for you. We will tailor a package to suit your needs ensuring you get the maximum value possible from your NDIS plan. 


Our mission is to provide the best services.

We’re a local NDIS registered service provider offering friendly faces, professional supports, and prompt communications. As a grassroots emergent organisation we take more time to find tailored solutions for each of our clients, no matter their capability, ensuring they get the maximum value possible from their NDIS plan. Whatever your needs are, we have a solution.
Great Staff
We provide exceptional assistance. Our staff respond every time with a big warm smile.
All of our contractors carry up-to-date police checks and fulfil other compliance checks with us.

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss how Connect 4 can best support your family. To learn more, contact us to set up a free assessment with a Case Manager.