There’s always something that needs to be done so it’s comforting to know you can get help with these functions and maintain your independence.
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A clean and tidy house can give you much more than a sense of pride — it can also be a place of comfort, peace and stability.
We can assist you with living a carefree life and a tidy home. We can also take care of your garden and outdoor living space . Additionally, we can also provide technical services such as plumbing and electric work. ​
Don’t hesitate to invite people in to your home for fear of ‘the mess’ — let us help find you a professional, cleaner and feel great about your home.


We provide transportation services that suit your needs. Our team is fully trained and have safe and clean vehicles available to make sure you get where you need to go. 

We understand that clients need help in different ways. For instance, you may have a family member who regularly drives you to appointments or for family visits, and in this situation it is more appropriate to provide fuel vouchers for petrol to help with the cost. We can also arrange taxi vouchers so that you can make your travel independently. Whatever your need, we can help you in the way that best suits you.


We help you make changes to your home. Be it a major or a minor change, we guarantee best services with best practises.

Modifications typically involve bathrooms and kitchens, so that everyday tasks can be carried out comfortably. Benches and workspaces can be lowered, taps and handles changed, rails, ramps and shower hoses installed, and doorways widened to accommodate chairs or frames.

Throughout the home, doorways and hallways can be widened, switches lowered or changed, and sometimes a functional room such as a bathroom can be installed on a ground floor. 

You name it, we got you covered.


We will tailor a package to suit your needs ensuring you get the maximum value possible from your NDIS plan.

We will partner with you at every step, according to the level of involvement you would like us to have in your life. It can be challenging to coordinate the services that you need, and you may prefer that we handle that for you.